Fresno Gun Show Wrap Up

Posted by Matt Mooney on 27th Sep 2023

Fresno Gun Show Wrap Up

The gun show experience is always an interesting one. Some shows are big, some are small, and some are just right. In my opinion a just right gun show is one that is not overly large, one that has enough vendors to create a friendly competition, and a good atmosphere. In Fresno we had just that. The show was a good size with just the key vendors there and a great atmosphere. The show is promoted by AZ Gun Radio. Their shows are typically held in smaller venues, in cities where a gun show would not happen otherwise. This combination of a great venue, great vendors, and a great community to be in has proven to be a winning combination. 

We showed up on Friday before the show started to setup about 2 in the afternoon. We got our bearings and found our setup location. We had 8 tables along the wall to display our ammunition and make an environment that will be easy to help our customers while abiding by all DOJ laws. In California customers are not allowed to be able to access the ammunition without assistance from a COE holder of the store. This was one of the best setups we have ever had. The ammunition was displayed beautifully, with great signage that displayed the prices, and kept people from being able to access the ammo. After we built our space we headed out to check into the hotel that was right next door to the Elks Lodge the gun show was at. Vibe check from the front desk was on point so we knew we would have a great stay. Now it was time for some fun in the town. We always like to stop by a few gun stores to check pricing and talk to a few of the locals about the industry and if we can start supplying them. After that we grabbed some great bbq and  packed in for the night.

The show was 2 days Saturday September 23rd, and Sunday September 24th. The weather was great, mild in the morning, and warming up during the day to the high 70's. This type of weather usually brings a great crowd. The show got off to a slow start since we started so early. Our first sale was at about 8:45 in the morning and it never let up on Saturday. We sold a lot of ammo, met a lot of people and got to visit with some of the others vendors on the gun show circuit. Other than our ammo at the show there was our friend Larry selling all the California compliant magazines, our friend Henry who sells a lot of gun parts. He sells, uppers for almost all the AR platforms, as well as slides for most of your 9mm Glocks. You have to check him out, his stuff is really nice and he builds most of it himself during the week. He and his wife have spent years finding just the right vendors to offer great products. There were a few gun stores there selling guns, and a few guys selling their collections of late 1800's early 1900's rifles. Some of those guns are absolutely beautiful. Every time I see some of those Winchester Model 94's I want to get one. 

Saturday of the show seemed to fly by, we were busy almost all day. After the show we hit a Fresno State Football game. That was awesome. I felt I was right back in college. We showed up about an hour before the game and hit the tailgate party. The band was hyping everyone up, food was on all the grills, and the alcohol was flowing. This was a great time. Fresno knows how to do it right. After the 'Dogs beat Kent State we called it a night to get ready for Sundays show.

Sunday started off a little later than Saturday, so we got to hang out in the hotel a little more than usual. After a good breakfast that hit the spot we were on our way. Feeling fat and happy we rolled into the show and got our booth setup for the day. Todays show started at 9am, when the doors opened there wasn't anyone there to come in. About 9:45 in the morning we made our first sale.Then it was a little while before we made our next sale. It was a bit of a slow morning that day. The boredom was setting in and all the vendors were getting restless. Many wanted to leave early, but the rules of the show are you gotta stay, most of the vendors muscled it out. It is a good thing they did. About 11am Fresno woke up and headed out to the the gun show. From about 11am - 2:00pm we had a good string of customers. We were cracking jokes, debating with customers about 5.56x45 vs .223 Remington. We will never win with those guys! It really is almost exactly the same. When 3:00 hit the show was over. We had a quick load out because we got a good spot in the morning to be out of there quick. After a few quick goodbyes and see you next times we hit the road.

Our ride home was 3.5 hours, or it was supposed to be (darn LA drivers), this left us with ample time to reflect on the show, figure out the good, the bad, and the stuff we should never do again. This show was a great success, our setup was on point, the people were great and we had almost all the ammunition people were asking for. We are looking forward to the next show with AZ Gun Radio on November 18-19, 2023 in Fresno again. 

Until next time. Stay Ready.Train Hard. Gavin Newsom is a tyrant. #alwaysready