Navigating the California Ammo Market: What You Need to Know with CM Ammo

Posted by Matt Mooney on 17th Oct 2023

Navigating the California Ammo Market: What You Need to Know with CM Ammo

Navigating the California Ammo Market: What You Need to Know with CM Ammo

Welcome to CM Ammo, your trusted source for ammunition in California. We thoroughly believe that the process for purchasing ammunition in California is unconstitutional and is without a doubt a violation of our rights and privacy. However we do have to abide by the laws if we want to posses or sell ammunition in California.  At CM Ammo, we're dedicated to ensuring our customers have a thorough understanding of the legal aspects surrounding ammunition purchases. In this article, we'll delve into the ins and outs of purchasing ammunition in California.

The Basics of Ammunition Sales in California When it comes to ammunition in California, understanding the rules and regulations is crucial. At CM Ammo, we offer a wide range of ammunition types, but it's essential to know the basics before you make a purchase. Remember, choosing a reputable and licensed dealer like us is key to ensuring that you stay within the law.

Age Restrictions In California, the minimum age to purchase ammunition varies depending on the type. Handgun ammunition typically requires buyers to be 21 or older, while long gun ammunition can be purchased by those who are 18 and older. CM Ammo ensures that we follow these age restrictions, so please bring proper identification when you visit our store.

Background Checks California mandates background checks for ammunition purchases. At CM Ammo, we take this requirement seriously and guide you through the process. Rest assured that a successful background check is vital for legally acquiring ammunition. To pass a background check you need to be able to legally possess firearms and ammuniton, as well as have purchased a firearm registered at the address on your id in the last 10 years. There are other reasons you may not pass a background check at the time of purchase. The background check requires that we swipe your id into the states system. In order to accept your ID you must have a California Real ID or an ID with federal limits apply accompanied by a passport, birth certificate, or other ID the state deems reasonable. All forms of accepted ID can be found on the states frequently asked question page here.

Online and Out-of-State Purchases Online and out-of-state purchases are also subject to California's laws. Our online platform is designed to ensure your compliance with background checks and shipping regulations. We're here to answer your questions and ensure your online or out-of-state purchases adhere to the law. 

Generally we can't ship to your door in California. In order to receive an ammunition shipment in California it needs to go to an FFL or someone with an Ammunition Vendor License. There are a few exceptions such as an 03 FLL holder with a valid COE, as well as some exceptions for law enforcement. We are more than happy to receive your ammunition orders for you. We charge a nominal fee to receive, hold, and transfer your ammunition for you. Please call us if you have any questions about cost or what is required.

Upcoming Changes in Legislation It's essential to stay informed about changes in ammunition legislation in California. At CM Ammo, we'll keep you updated on any recent or upcoming changes, ensuring you're always on the right side of the law.

Your Responsibility as a Responsible Gun Owner As responsible gun owners, it's your duty to comply with ammunition laws and prioritize safety. CM Ammo encourages all gun owners to engage with organizations that promote responsible gun ownership and safety.

At CM Ammo, we're not just here to provide you with high-quality ammunition; we're here to educate and support our customers in navigating California's ammunition laws. Understanding these laws is essential to maintaining your legal standing and ensuring a safe and responsible approach to firearm ownership.

We're dedicated to your safety, compliance, and satisfaction. If you have any questions or need ammunition, don't hesitate to contact CM Ammo. We're here to help you make informed, lawful, and responsible choices.